Starter Kit

Master Kit

Refill Kit

The Refill Kit is a convenient way to restock your Starter Kit.

It includes all the consumables from the Starter Kit. It does not include the UV Flashlights or the Case. 

The Starter Kit is a perfect starting point.

It includes everything you need for 80% of all granite repairs. If you are repairing black, white or quartz. We recommend purchasing those additional colors separately. We've left open syringe slots in the case to fit these extra colors. 


4 Clear Syringes, 1 Polish Syringe, 2 UV Flashlights, 8 Purple Tips and 10 Release Sheets in a convenient case.

Use the Master Kit to tackle all your stone surface, not matter the color.  

The Master Kit includes 19 color syringes, 2 clear syringes, 4 polish syringes, 1 large flashlight, 1 small flashlight, 30 tips, 30 small release sheets, 2 large release sheets, a plastic box (to place razor blades) and a Dremel tool bit.

You can mix colors for a near perfect match.

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