For the Artisan:

19 colors for the perfect match!

FillaChip™ Master Kit

​FillaChip™ Refill Kit

FillaChip™​ Ch​ip

Repair System

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FillaChip™ Starter Kit

Use the Master Kit to tackle all your stone surface, not matter the color.  

The Master Kit includes 19 color syringes, 2 clear syringes, 4 polish syringes, 1 large flashlight, 1 small flashlight, 30 tips, 30 small release sheets, 2 large release sheets, a plastic box (to place razor blades) a Dremel tool bit.

You can mix colors to get

Amazing Results!

Super Fast!

Everything you need to fix nicks, chips and gouges are in the FillaChip™ Starter Kit.

You'll get 2x UV flashlights, 4 syringes with 3 cc of FillaChip™ glue, 1 syringe with 3 cc of polish, 10 dispensing tips and 8 plastic release sheets. Everything you need to quickly repair chips to a perfect finish.

Refill your Starter Kit with the Fillachip™ Refill Kit. It includes 4 syringes with 3 cc's of FillaChip™ glue,  1 syringe with 1 cc of polish, 10 dispensing tips and 8 release sheets. (This is the consumables of the Starter Kit, minus the case and flashlights. )